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Recent Yellowfin Boats Reviews

  • Yellowfin - 36: The Beast is the Best!
    I've always loved the yellowfins. They ride better than anything else on the water.
    Reviewed by Wes on Jul-02-2009 | Rating:
    Yellowfin - 31: Increbible ride
    I bought used 31 Yellowfin with Yamaha F-250s a few months ago and it is the most incredible riding boat I have ever been on. I have been in the charter business for 19 years now and did not know that a boat could eat up rough water like this. It cruises at 38 MPH and will run 60 at the top end. I get around 2MPG at 38 MPH. Still, I cannot express enough how amazing the ride is. I ran out the other day in 3 to 4 footers at 40MPH and it was no big deal. It opens up a whole new avenue for offshore charter fishing. No longer is 15 kts off the water cause for concern, let er eat. If you are on the fence, like i was for about a year, on which boat to buy I suggest going for a ride on them all and they try the YF. I said "Ill take it" about 2 minutes into my sea trial.
    Reviewed by Capt. Ed Walker on Apr-27-2008 | Rating:
    Yellowfin - 36: No Better Offshore Boat
    We have been contender users for quite some time until the amazing yellowfin caught our eye at a 2006 boat show. The 3 piece hulls are excellent for offshore fishing and we cruise right thorugh 3 to 5 foot chop without spilling our coffee or doing spine adjustments. The coffin up front is a nice feature that acts as a seat and fish box or live well. We see there is now a 42, however might be a tad bit too pricey for us. We use this boat each week and amazes us each time.
    Reviewed by Alan Rodriguez on Mar-23-2008 | Rating:
    Yellowfin - 23: Has To Be The Best 23
    Love this 23 footer. Cuts through the water very nicely and we find there is ample room. it is a 3 piece hull as most 23 footers are 2 feet... so when fighting a fish, we dont feel like you will fall out of the boat like "other" boats.
    Reviewed by Barry on Mar-09-2008 | Rating:
    Yellowfin - 31: 31 yellowfin
    love my 31 Yellowfin, but there are a few changes i would like to make if i could custom build one. Rod holders on sides of console, but then you lose the storage there unless they put the door under the front console setting. also, i am not crazy about the electronics cover. i dont like how it slides up and in. some people love it since they can leave it opened, but i would like to see it laid out a little differant. few other minor things but overall, i think i will always own a Yellowfin.
    Reviewed by Cutler Altier on Oct-21-2007 | Rating: