Western Sound Long Island Fishing

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

7/7/2006 Western Sound – Morning
The red hot chunk bite continues as Russ. Ken, and Larry caught more than a dozen keeper bass to 27lbs during a bite that lasted just over 2 hours. The fish were all caught on chunks and there were also plenty of bluefish.

7/3/2006 Western Sound – Midday
The incredible chunk bite continues Stephanie, Alex, and Gabby Selloni had all the fish they could handle as then monster bass turned on at the bottom of the tide and never stopped biting. They had over 20 fish ranging from 17-33lbs! See the photo gallery for pics.

7/2/2006 Western Sound – Morning
The best chunk bite of the season! Matt Siegal and his dad caught nearly 40 keeper stripers ranging from 20-35lbs. The bite was non-stop for nearly two hours. See the photo gallery for pics!

6/26/2006 Western Sound – Morning
Jeff Zebrowski and his group scored big with 8 monster stripers, all over 25lbs, 4 were over 30lbs, and the largest was 41lbs. They also had a bunch of monster bluefish. All of the fish were caught on bunker. See the photo gallery for pics!

6/23/2006 Western Sound – Morning
Mitch Wergiles, Steve Palmo, and Rob got into an incredibly good trophy bass bite with over a dozen fish to 35lbs. Nearly all of the fish were caught on live bunker. The bite continues to be very consistent. See the photo gallery for pics!

6/22/2006 Western Sound – Morning
Nori, Susan, Ben, and Mike absolutely crushed the monster stripers. The group had over 20 keepers all on live bunker. Susan landed the largest fish of the season to date at a whopping 46lbs! See the photo gallery for pics!

6/21/2006 Western Sound – Morning
The folks from the NMMA paid a visit and got into a very good big bass bite. They had more than a dozen keepers with the largest around 36lbs caught by Jonathan Pritko. The biggest fish were caught around the bunker schools.

6/20/2006 Western Sound – Morning
Tony Lanza and his group got into an excellent striper bite with over a dozen keepers to 22lbs. They also had several bluefish and broke off a couple of monsters on the structure. The bite weas a repeat of yesterdays bite. The fish were caught on chunks and live bunker.

6/19/2006 Western Sound – AM Charter
Joe Felicia, Chuck Hollins, Dennis Cataldo, and Bill Townsend got into a very good bass bite and ended up with over a dozen keepers to 23lbs. They were fishing some very heavy structure and broke off several monsters. They also had a fair amount of big bluefish.

6/18/2006 Western Sound – Evening
Matt Seigal, his Dad, and son Jake battled a very tough evening and just when it looked like a total bust, the bite came on and they quickly managed three keepers. The evening bite has been a bit tricky and the warming water temps have not helped at all.