- 175 SS
- 186 SS
- 200 SS
- SB/20 Excalibur (20'1")
- SB/23 Excalibur
- SF/160
- SF/180
- SF/190
- SF/210
- SF/230
- WA/22
- WA/24
- Wellcraft Coastal (26'1"" (28'10"" loa)")
- Wellcraft Coastal (27'7")
- Wellcraft Coastal (32'0")
- Wellcraft Coastal (33'4")
- Wellcraft Cockpit MY
- Wellcraft Corsica
- Wellcraft Cozumel
- Wellcraft Cruiser
- Wellcraft Express Cruiser
- Wellcraft LXC
- Wellcraft Martinique (28'4"" w/pulpit")
- Wellcraft Martinique (32'0"" (34'5"" loa)")
- Wellcraft Portofino
- Wellcraft Prima
- Wellcraft San Remo
- Wellcraft Sport Bridge (28'8")
- Wellcraft Sport Bridge (33'4")
- Wellcraft St. Tropez (33'7")
- Wellcraft St. Tropez (35'6"" (38'7"" loa)")
- Wellcraft Sun Yacht

Recent Wellcraft Boats Reviews

  • Wellcraft - Wellcraft Martinique (32'0"" (34'5"" loa)"): Annoying
    Reviewed by Dan on Jul-18-2014 | Rating:
    Wellcraft - Wellcraft Portofino: wellcraft portofino
    Great express cruiser,tons of room for entertaining way ahead of it's time in style. Love the boat!
    Reviewed by Ron on Dec-20-2012 | Rating:
    Wellcraft - Wellcraft Portofino: Wellcraft Portofino
    These boats have to be the most under rated under valued boats on the market. They look great, handle great, take big seas with no problem and with a few cosmetic up grades they rivial other boats that sell for as much as four times more.
    Reviewed by Microbob on Jan-01-2012 | Rating:
    Wellcraft - Wellcraft Sport Bridge (33'4"): 33' Wellcraft sportbridge
    A robustly built sport-fish that is an equally compedent family cruiser. With a generous, 110 sq.ft. cockpit that makes for a great fishing platform or plenty of room for entertaining family and friends, and a well laidout cabin with a queen birth foward, and large galley and an L-shaped sectional. I can tell you that after 15 years of ownership, i've had zero issues with the hull or super-structure. My boat is powered 300 hp. cummins diesel that gives the boat a 24 knot cruise,and a w.o.t. of 28 knots while providing a soft ride, thanks to a well designed running surface (16 degree deadrise with prop pockets and a sharp entry). A great all around boat what I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a used boat in this size range.
    Reviewed by John Killen on Mar-27-2011 | Rating:
    Wellcraft - Wellcraft Portofino: Portofino
    This boat is great! Very well built and laid out very nice, mine looks like a 500K boat! So far no real issues to speak of-I owned this one for about 5 years now. Highly recommend.
    Reviewed by Harley on Aug-29-2010 | Rating: