- 1730 Bay Stealth
- 1880 bay Stealth
- 2180 Bay Stealth
- 2380 Bay Stealth
- Bass Boat SX
- BR/184 Viva
- BR/1886 Vision
- BR/1996 Valiant
- BR/2096 Vixen
- BR/2102 Victory
- BR/2440 Volante
- C/165
- C/190
- CC/176 Sea Stealth
- CC/206 Sea Stealth
- CC/226 Sea Stealth
- DB/Deckliner 215
- DB/Deckliner 255
- DB/O/B Deckliner

Recent Vivian Boats Reviews

  • Vivian - 1880 bay Stealth: Trailer Boat Covers
    Hi, Once again need to buy another boat cover as the current one has perished and split.... UV seems to be doing the damage be it poly or cloth made........ Anyone recommend a good brand that will last a few years hopefully........5m trailer boat. I found good deals on few of them, these guys have 20% off http://www.discountboatcover.com/boat-offer.html Also any ideas on how to keep the cats from climbing inside, tried netting etc Cat vs RIB...cat wins.
    Reviewed by Tomv380 on Apr-13-2011 | Rating:
    Vivian - 1880 bay Stealth: 2004 188 BSVC
    Really enjoy my baystealth, do lots of marsh spec and red fishing, this boat is great for this, wide beam, 102 inches, creates shallow draft and lots of walking room inside, 115 2 stroke yamaha pushes it fine, 42-45 mph top end, 41 gal. gas tank allows me to fish 2-3 days without refueling, a jack plate would benefit in shallow waters, my next investment. replaced flip-flop seat with leaning post, more room. great boat for my type of fishing. I recommend it!
    Reviewed by garrett wayne on Sep-12-2009 | Rating:
    Vivian - 1880 bay Stealth: 2000 bay stealth 2880. Need to know fuel capacity
    I need the spec sheet associated with this boat, espically the fuel capacit Any help would be apricated,
    Reviewed by steve on Jan-23-2009 | Rating:
    Vivian - BR/184 Viva: excellent entry level bowrider
    My first boat I bought brand new (2003). Excellent entry level boat. Has been virtually maintenance free. Great for up to 6 people, better for 4. I use it for beach combing/cruising and wake boarding. I have the 135 hp engine and it handles that fine. I bought mine in 2004 for $13,500. Easy to store, trailer and launch. It has everything in it that the more expensive boats have just not as fancy.
    Reviewed by tommy hand on Nov-28-2008 | Rating:
    Vivian - 1880 bay Stealth: 2150 Bay Stealth Great Boat! ! !
    I have a 2150 with a Yamaha 150 two stroke, she does 50 mph and is a fine boat. I've been in 3' white caps that were crossing, yes we got wet, show me a bay boat that'll keep you dry in that and I'll trade for it. I'll be willing to bet there are none! All in all I'm very happy with this boat and it performs in a chop extremely well. Great boat.
    Reviewed by Capt. Mac on Aug-11-2008 | Rating: