Venice Louisiana LA Swordfishing

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

I knew that the northen gulf had swordfish since a few other captains have caught them up here. And I finaly had the crew to give them a shot. So I studied the charts and pulled my swordfish gear out of the closet to give them a shot. I picked out a deepwater dropoff point area for my starting point.

The baits went out and we had about a thirty minute wait before the first fish was hooked up. The fish was pulling pretty good but was at the boat in a little under a hours time. But I goofed and put to much pressure on him and pulled the hook at the boat. So I went from hero to zero in a heartbeat. The fish was a good one and we just watched him swim away from us. Nothing left to do but reset our gear so that is what I did. On the next drift we had a double runoff one fish was not fighting and the other was going nuts. The one not fighting was a small but keeper sized sword and I had Peter the angler lock the drag up and get him to the boat so he wouldn