Venice LA Bottom Fishing

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

Lance left out on a bottom fishing trip with the Bergeron gang. Didnt get all the details but from what I understand they had to do alot of running and in the end made a nice haul..amberjacks and red and mangrove snappers a limit I beleive..will eloborate when I hear from Frank or Lance..I left out with Tom Gilmore, Larry Bucciarelli and the two Joe’s for this years all fly fishing trip..Plan was to nail some big dolphin and yellowfin..this same crew landed 4 yellows last year to the week, but the dolphin eluded us that trip..Tom’s book on tuna fishing with fly tackle is due out this summer..For the dolphin we pulled 2 teasers (with hooks) while two guys stayed in the ready psoition in the cockpit..its alot of waiting but the reward is great when it all comes togother with the bait and switch..really was a frustrating start..we got chased off the original float plan by a nasty squall which would hunt us for the rest of the daylight hours before blowing out..then we got on a crowded part of the rip and quickly gave up for a rig hopping adventure..too bad they hadnt come 1 or 2 days earlier when we had it to ourselves on a non tournament day..stop 3 would give us our first opportuity but I turned my head to round the Cognac rig and a wahoo came out of nowhere hooking itself on the meat bait teaser..

we dd get a shot at two small wahoo that followed the fish in but we couldnt get a strike out of either havng to settle for seeing them flare off at the transom.. fortuntely for the fly guys..this would be the last and only fish caught on commie tackle..we would go 3 for 5 on bull dolphin over the course of the aftrnoon and 1 for 2 on triple tail..we found a huge stump loaded with trips and Larry made a bullseye cast and got a take from the largest fish in the pod a 10 pounder easy..fought him for a few minutes before he broke himself off..would be the same stroy on the dolphin with big fish getting away..mishaps with line shooting through the guides and sometimes wrapping itself around a reel handle or guide on the first run would claim thier freedom and thats of the fish would have beat the existing state record..which at 29.15 pounds has surprisingly stood for years..highlight of the trip..just before sundown the guys took a break and I got to sling a few during a tuna drift..I hooked a small hardtail and released it boatside when a school of dolphin showed..

I bagged a 23 pound bull landing it in 5 minutes..It was a 12 or so jumps and some great pictures to boot..the evening tuna program would go great as well..the guys went 4 for 7 on yellowfins ranging in size from 30 to 45 pounds..we also caught 3 was an awesome trip and a great night..alot of would be records but these guys dont enter anything unless its a world record….