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- Uniflite Yachtfisherman

Recent Uniflite Boats Reviews

  • Uniflite - Uniflite Yachtfisherman: 50' Uniflite Motoryacht
    We own and live aboard a 1984 50' Uniflite Motoryacht. This is a fantastic live aboard and an excellent cruising boat. The boat has tons of storage including a 6' walk in closet in the master stateroom a huge galley, two saloons and a large flying bridge with seating for 12-15 guests. The boat rides well and comes to plane easily. She is easy to dock and handle by the owners. We love this well built beautiful yacht.
    Reviewed by John D Hay on Oct-16-2009 | Rating:
    Uniflite - Uniflite Mega Sedan Cruiser: Love my 1979 Mega
    I bought a blistered 28' Mega 3 years ago and have been slowly bringing it back to life. Started with new twin 350 Chevy Vortec engines and have been slowly bringing the cabin back lately. The hull and top-deck are both blistered but I've recently starting removing blisters from the bow to see if they'll return. Provided they don't based on the weather conditions here in NorCal I'll reskin the whole boat. I can't over emphasize the incredible layout of this boat. Plenty of cabin room and full kitchen (wife loves that) a large flybridge and plenty of room for fishing off the stern. Also, a head with a shower albeit close quarters for anyone over 6' tall. All in all, this is a great starter boat and the price (due to blisters) can't be beat. Still looking for the right canvas person to start a bimini top and eventually work toward the enclosure.
    Reviewed by Bryan on Jan-23-2008 | Rating:
    Uniflite - Uniflite Mega Sedan Cruiser: If well maintained, a vessel with great bang for the $!
    This boat really suprised me. Being a 1978, at first I thought that I would not like it much. I have to say that the layout of this vessel is outstanding. She sits a bit more on top of the water due to her wider beam than most of her size. Because of her moderately deep V-hull Formed bow however, she is able to cut through heavy chop and spraying white cap waves. As long as you are not on the heavier end of SC Warnings in effect, there is nothing to sweat about with this vessel. Find a quality canvasser for this craft and you will have yourself one excellent boat if it has been well maintained. A good canopy canvassing fixed astern on this craft can make it suprisingly accomodating. An enclosed canvas flying bridge makes the Mega 28 with the optional twin helm a dream to operate while either inside or out. With the proper canvassing you see, plenty of heat rises from the cabin on up into the flying bridge via the thru hatch located at the cieling of the cabin's aft steps to go astern. Probably the one hangup with this boat that is a relatively easy fix is the noise level while underway. This boat can b nearly silenced with the use of foil foam block insulation in the engine bay. The engines, twin Crusader 220's are no big deal until you modify them. These days, we have Brodix heads that are a bolt on marine worthy part that can increase th HP of each engine an additional 300 HP and still be relatively marine dependable and can turn knots that can run circles around others less dependable than it. All in all, a very cozy boat that when refurbished and refixed on her inside, is better than what is available today, I think anyway. If you can find a well maintained one of these that is a non-blistering hull. Snag it, fix it with the above, and you will have one excellent boat.
    Reviewed by Laguna Pete on Jan-09-2008 | Rating: