- Tiara Continental
- Tiara Convertible (31'3")
- Tiara Convertible (36'8")
- Tiara Fisherman
- Tiara Flybridge (31'3")
- Tiara Flybridge (32'10"" w/o pulpit")
- Tiara Open (27'0"" w/o pulpit")
- Tiara Open (28'9"" w/pulpit 30'9")
- Tiara Open (31'3")
- Tiara Open (32'10"" w/o pulpit")
- Tiara Open (36'8")
- Tiara Open (37'1")
- Tiara Pursuit Flybridge
- Tiara Pursuit Open (27'0")
- Tiara Pursuit Open (31'3")
- Tiara Pursuit Open (33'0")
- Tiara Pursuit Open (36'8")
- Tiara Sport Salon
- Tiara Sport Sedan
- Tiara Vacationer (24'7")
- Tiara Vacationer (24'7")

Recent Tiara Boats Reviews

  • Tiara - Tiara Convertible (36'8"): tiara 36 convertiable
    1986 tiara 36 convertiable 330hp cummings 22 to 24 knot cruise @ 2400 rpm have mitch at michigan wheels do your props if you are looking for the extra 2plus knots new ones not reworks i could not be happier with the boat we fish it more than we cruise does bouth well 24 years old gelcoat looks real good there might be some stress cracks but we would have to look real hard to find them tiara has been doing things right for a while the customer service is good tell you the only two word you need to know for succesful boating and fishing passed on too me from my father ( 50 yrs offshore fishing ) WEATHER AND MAINTANCE
    Reviewed by frank iodice on Mar-07-2010 | Rating:
    Tiara - Tiara Open (27'0"" w/o pulpit"): AWESOME TIARA MUSCLE
    Awesome boat with awesome power and handling. If you love to fish off shore this boat is for you. I get compliments all the time on this boat. It actually looks more like a 30 or 31 with swim platform and pulpit. 5 to 6 ft rolls without a problem. BUY THIS BOAT IF YOU CAN FIND ONE!
    Reviewed by ROLAND on Dec-29-2007 | Rating:
    Tiara - Tiara Open (27'0"" w/o pulpit"): 1988 TIARA 2700 OPEN
    Best designed and layed out boat I have ever seen. Access to everything makes this unique! Also the most stable vessel of this size I have ever operated.
    Reviewed by Capt. Bruce Brown on Dec-22-2007 | Rating:
    Tiara - Tiara Convertible (36'8"): Tiara 36 convertible
    I have owned my 36 tiara convertible for a year and a half. The boat has 375 hp 3208 Cat's and cruises at about 20 knots ( give or take 2 knots for conditions) the boat is the 1993 model and I purchased it with 1600 hours. I am as pleased as one would expect with the ride and handeling, fuel consumption is relatively low, but she is also a bit slow. The boat is very comfortable to "live" aboard for long weekends and the like.The cockpit is a little small, but for a "convertible" will fish nicely. I would be interested in anyone else's opinions...
    Reviewed by Rob Abiusi on Dec-29-2006 | Rating: