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Recent Talon Boats Reviews

  • Talon - F-20: Talon f-20
    very fast and stable. Its tons of fun passing jet skis with 3 people on the boat. I enjoy it more than my Back Country
    Reviewed by Rob on Aug-30-2012 | Rating:
    Talon - F-20: talon f20
    im selling a talon f20 the only one 2000 talon f20 ever made with a 2006 300xs for sale boat and engine and triler redy for the whater 31,500 and hull and trailer 20,500 for more info 786 777 9587 yanko
    Reviewed by yanko on Feb-22-2011 | Rating:
    Talon - F-20: Owned a Talon
    After stuffing this boat at 60MPH I asked the guys that built it how many stuffs they knew about. They asked what hull number I was ... that was the answer. I sold shortly thereafter.
    Reviewed by Subchaser on Nov-01-2009 | Rating:
    Talon - F-20: Talon f-20
    boat is awesome for fishin 3 or 4 people, has 10 storage hatches, gunnel rod storage, poling platform, 3 live wells, and does over 70 mph with ease. The biggest plus is you stay dry as a bone, and goes as shallow as any other boat on the water. You need to get one - trust me. Cruising around at 35 or 40 mph sucks, I get where I want to go quick - and it is fun getting there.
    Reviewed by Harry Clover on Apr-30-2009 | Rating:
    Talon - F-20: talon f-20
    70MPH plus boat Like fishing off a dock!!!! I bought it used 11 years old and it turns heads where ever we are!!!! I love it!!!
    Reviewed by Herb Horne on Sep-24-2007 | Rating: