Swordfishing Aboard Double D Charters

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

For the past two months I have been mostly swordfishing, and although we have been fishing a little bit in the day as well, the day time action in Miami does not really start to heat up until we have a few cold fronts.  Well, we have had a few cold fronts and you can say the action has heated up quite a bit.  Our first cold front came last week, and the second front just past this weekend.  This was good news since I had a client I fished with last year coming down to do some swordfishing and some daytime fishing. Last time we went out we caught 11 out 14 sailfish and had a blast.  Yesterday we caught our bait and headed out to set up on the edge.  The wind was from the North at around 15 knots.  The water didn