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  • Superboats - Hp/24 Superboat: Superboat-Superboat 24
    I've been through 25 High performance boats in the last 15 years and by far this is the best handling boat period...Easy to tow,any water condition,cuddy cabin,good on fuel,can hang with other bigger offshore racers,and outboards are easy to work on.
    Reviewed by Paul Divito on Feb-28-2009 | Rating:
    Superboats - Hp/24 Superboat: 2004 24 SUPERBOAT 300X
    Bay Chop. Ocean Swells. No Fear. The 24 SUPERBOAT.
    Reviewed by The Bashmaster on Oct-29-2007 | Rating:
    Superboats - Hp/24 Superboat: Not For Sale
    I purchased my outboard powered 1981 24' suberboat 11 years ago. I,m so happy with this boat. I regularly leave bigger and more powerful boats behind due to the boats ability to run in rough water. If anyone knows of a 24 footer that needs some re-doing,I would love to fiddle around with another one.I refuse to sell the one I have now,and Im afraid of compromising this boats integrety,but I,m dying to try something on another 24'superboat.Please call w/info 203-249-5623
    Reviewed by Scott C. Bray on Jul-18-2007 | Rating:
    Superboats - Hp/24 Superboat: Superboats 24
    Great boat! Owned one for 10 yrs.. Rock solid!
    Reviewed by John C Bollinger on Jan-14-2007 | Rating: