Sunrise Beach Shark Attack

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

There are still man unanswered questions regarding the recent shark attack off Sunrise Beach last Sunday morning.  Lifeguards were practicing life saving exercises when one of them was attacked by a shark.

The shark to blame is said to be a great white, although the evidence is inconclusive at this point.

Some experts were caught saying that chumming is attracting the sharks and causing their malicious behavior.  Locals know the truth of the matter is that the sharks are already in the area.

“It is ridiculous to suggest chumming attracts sharks or changes their behaviour. The sharks are already here. We are only attempting to study why. People are entering the shark’s habitat and should take responsibility for their actions,” Kock says.

“A report on bather versus shark safety will be released very soon but the sad fact is there isn’t really a solution to these attacks. Everyone knows False Bay is a hunting ground for great white sharks. Environmentally speaking, shark-nets are not an option as whales and dolphins get entangled in them. They have also been found to be ineffective when dealing with great whites. As unfortunate as it is, sometimes attacks just happen.”