- 21 SS
- 217 CF
- 290 FS
- Bass/201 PE/PD/DC
- Bass/268 V
- Bass/273 V/DC
- Bass/283 V/DC
- Bass/285 PE/DC
- Bass/295 PE/DC

Recent Stratos Boats Reviews

  • Stratos - Bass/268 V: I LOVE IT
    I own a 1996 stratos 268 dc with a 115 Johnson faststrike and it is an excellent watercraft. Rides like a big 21 ft bass boat in heavy water, built solid. Decent speed, around 55mph stock. Not bad for a boat almost 20 yrs old. Looks great too
    Reviewed by John on Sep-10-2013 | Rating:
    Stratos - Bass/285 PE/DC: One of the best
    For many years I overlooked this boat thinking it was just a knock off of Ranger then I found out Ranger boats and Stratos boats are under the same company umbrella. Needless to say I own a 285 pro xl and I will definatly own another after this one
    Reviewed by Will on Jul-18-2008 | Rating:
    Stratos - Bass/201 PE/PD/DC: stratos 201 pe
    good boat
    Reviewed by buddy lamb on May-16-2006 | Rating: