Big Jon Manual Downrigger SR400 4' boom SS-Line, Counter& Rod Holder fishin fish
Current Bid: $ 89.00  

   For bid is this used Big Jon Manual Downrigger SR400 4' boom SS-Line, Counter& Rod Holder for fishin fish. This downrigger is marked ... Big Jon Inc, .. 14393 Pen. Dr.  T.C. Michigan .. As you see in the #1 picture the downrigger is down  for fishing, in picture #2 the downrigger tilts up and has a slide pin to lock it in that position, great for trailering or weight retrieval. In picture 3 shows the rod holder and line counter, the rod holder a you see has a scuf/scratch on the side from being on the shelf on its side and being moved about, it does not affect anything but wanted to point that out. There is a knob just to the lower right of the rod holder, in, it keeps the reel from turning, pull it out to release the reel to let the line out. Just up from the bottom of the base is a knob, when out the downrigger will will flip down for use, pick the downrigger up and push in the knob in locking hole to keep the downrigger up for trailering or storage or even for ball retrieval. In picture 4 you can see the reel handle and the center reel drag turn knob, turn the center knob one way for more drag on letting the line out or loosen it for easy winding up the line. The reel does turn good/smooth depending on the how tight the reel  drag is. This downrigger has a 4' boom and i think about 100 ' of stainless line, the end of the wire that had the weight clip on it was cut off as it has some wire fraying towards the clip but should be easy to replace. This downrigger is in good condition as you can see and would be good for use in your fishing seasons. I will remove the handle, rod holder and the boom off the downrigger and pack them all securely together  in a shorter box for shipping.

  Buyer pays the shipping...U.S.P.S.

  Most of the boxes we use are made from used cardboard, we recycle.  :)

  Thank you

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