Berkley Fusion 206 Spinning Fishing Reel 14/330 5.2:1
Current Bid: $ 5.99  

Berkley Fusion 206 Spinning Fishing Reel5.2:1 Gear Ratio2 Ball BearingsVented Aluminum Spool Left or right hand retrieve14/330   20/270   25/225 lb/yds

Condition:  Great Working condition with some light scuffs and scratches from bulk shipping.


I apologize for any typographical errors. This is a stock photo.


CONDITION (in terms of a baitcast reel):

NOTE: ALL our reels are USED unless otherwise stated in the listing!


EXCELLENT working condition means that the thumb bar works, the handle spins, the line guide goes back and forth and the spool turns with the handle. This means it has been checked out and runs smooth.... like butter!

GREAT working condition means that the thumb bar works, the handle spins, the line guide goes back and forth and the spool turns with the handle, and there is almost no noise.

GOOD working condition means that the thumb bar works, the handle spins, the line guide goes back and forth and the spool turns with the handle. There may be a light spool or gear noise. Drag may or may not have been checked. May have issues not easily noticed.

FAIR working condition means that the thumb bar may work, the handle spins, but might be stiff or rough, the line guide goes back and forth and the spool turns with the handle, but there may be noise. Probably needs work or some type of adjustment. May need parts.

NEEDS WORK condition could mean the handle won?t spin at all, the thumb bar sticks or there is a major gear issue. May need parts.


Here are my degrees of cosmetic appearance in order from best to worst:

   No scuffs that I can see   Very Minor Scuffs   Minor Scuffs   Light Scuffs   Light Scuffs and Scratches   Some Scuffs and Scratches   Quite a bit of scuffs and Scratches   Scuffs, Scratches and Corrosion


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