Slow Trolling Live Bait

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

If you are going offshore fishing, then live bait should be in your arsenal for effective fishing.  Pilchards, Goggle Eyes, Ballyhoo, Herrings, and Blue Runners make excellent baits to slowly troll behind your boat.

When slow trolling live bait for kingfish, sailfish, dolphin, wahoo, and other pelagic species, you will want to hook the bait through the nose or lip to all the bait to easily swim with the boat.  We suggest you bridle the bait through the nostrils to eliminate hooking the fish and hurting the bait, thus shortening the life of productivity.

There are many arguments to the drag setting of a live bait on the slow troll, but we have found it is best to put the bait out with extreme light to no drag.  If a sailfish is on the bait and you are using a circle hook that the sailfish will inhale the bait and when you come tight on the fish, you will hook the sailfish in the corner of the mouth.

However if you are not using wire leader and a kingfish inhales the bait, you are likely to get cut off, so you will want to adjust your methods accordingly.

Slow trolling live bait is extremely effective and can out fish drift fishing when there is hardly any current or wind.