Shark Attacks Fisherman On Ft Myers Florida Pier

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

Shark Pulls Man From Pier

A shark changed the life of man that was enjoyed the Florida life.  He was on vacation in Ft. Myers Florida and fishing when a shark rudely changed his Florida experience.

The fisherman, Mark Coghil witnessed a man fishing on the pier, when he hooked into a 7 foot blacktip shark.  The fisherman did not let the great fish go, and was rapidly pulled into the water off the pier.   The shark was taking him for a ride in the water and frantically splashing and trying to free itself.

No one in the area helped the fisherman, but it seemed as if everyone could not believe what had just happened.

Coghill jumped into the water to help free the man from the thrashing of the shark.    He helped the fisherman stay afloat and free from drowning as he was exhausting.  The shark and fishing pole were gone.

The Fort Myers Beach Fire and Rescue team were called to the scene.  They said this was definitely one of the crazier stories they have encounter in a while.

The International Shark File accounts blacktip sharks as having around 15% of all shark attacks that occur in South Florida.  

A shark that is on the hook and line is always an aggressive shark.  When you mess with Mother Nature, these types of things can happen.  Beach goers should always be aware of hooked sharks as they are much more prone to attack than a free swimming shark.