Shark Attack Repellent

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

In False Bay near Cape Town, South Africa, a wave of recent shark attacks have caused fear in the area causing many to stay out of the water.

Well, now Greg Brunt and Anthony Scholte of Learn2Surf, a local surfing school n, are beginning to use SharkShield units which developed by the Natal Sharks Board and an Australian company and help to repel sharks.

“The SharkShield… creates an electro-magnetic field that causes a muscle spasm in a shark… within its radius of operation,” said Brunt. We do regular classes, often for corporate clients, and we wanted our clients to know they would be safe in the water with us. The SharkShield has a range of four to five metres and it has been proven to be an effective shark repellent. We have bought two units with the help of Men’s Health magazine and hope to get even more.”

“The Shark Shield, with the system of shark spotters at Muizenberg and Fish Hoek, gives us a good amount of peace of mind.”

Currently, these units must be worn on the body but developers are looking into building surfboards equipped with this technology without damaging the shape and quality of the board.