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  • Shamrock - WA/220: Shamrock 22 Walkaround Cuddy
    I have a Shamrock 22 WA and I can tell you is is a tough, heavily built boat. First of all it is much more of a real boat than an outboard. You have to know what you are doing because you have more thruhulls, hoses, systems than most boats in this size. She is heavily built and carries around a full keel inwhich the prop is located. This gives her great protection from groundings and good seakeeping ability. The downside is the heavy boat drags a keel around so she is not fast. Most all single engine Shamrocks cruise around 22mph and top about 28mph. If you are able to get into a diesel Shamrock you are a lucky dude!
    Reviewed by Tex on Jun-20-2008 | Rating: