- 340i Open

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  • - : horrible
    horrible just purchased a 34 ft went out to our grouper hole and the ride was horribl
    Reviewed by juppy on Aug-02-2009 | Rating:
    - : 34 seavee
    I drove this boat for 2 years and it was the best riding boat I have ever drove. It has plenty of space to to fly 2 kites and 3 flat lines and 2 deep. It also has lots of live well space.
    Reviewed by bryan on Oct-03-2007 | Rating:
    - : tuna king
    best ride i have ever been on 10 times better then a contender.
    Reviewed by tony on May-03-2007 | Rating:
    - : Freejumper
    Amazing machine!
    Reviewed by James Rivera on Sep-02-2006 | Rating: