- 1730 Center Console (17'3")
- 175 Bowrider IO
- 175 Bowrider OB
- 1850 Dual Console
- 1850 Walkaround
- 195 Bowrider
- 210 Cuddy Cabin (21'11")
- 2100 Center Console
- 2100 Dual Console
- 2100 Walkaround IO
- 2100 Walkaround OB
- 230 Cuddy Cabin
- 2300 Walkaround OB
- 250 Aft
- 250 Aft Cabin
- 2600 Sport Cabin IO
- 2600 Sport Cabin Twin OB
- 2600 Walkarond OB
- 2600 Walkaround IO
- BR/175
- BR/195
- CU/210
- CU/230

Recent Seaswirl Boats Reviews

  • Seaswirl - BR/175: 2003 seaswirl 175 br
    I purchased a 2003 seaswirl 175 br about 2 mos. ago. I looked all over for any info or reviews and didnt find much so here ya go. This boats was rigged with a 4.3 volvo penta. The boat is fast (52 mph) it gets up on a plane very quickly without alot of bow rise.The pick-up from about 35 to 45 is like being shot from a cannon. It rides really nice in choppy water and has high sides. Its also very stable at high speeds. The interior is well planned and seaswirl used all quality materials. I would definatly recomend this boat to anyone looking for a bow rider that has room for 7 and likes to cruise, wakeboard, ski, and just hang with friends and family on a sunny afternoon.
    Reviewed by jason on Jan-19-2012 | Rating:
    Seaswirl - 250 Aft Cabin: 1998 to 1999 best built boats for the $
    Still trying to get a 1999 and its winter guy still won't let it go . I have a 1996, these boats are used under 17g and fully loaded I'm 6.2.. and I can stand up inside. Frig stove microwave. Space for generator. Sick boats it anyone has one there getting rid odrop a line.....
    Reviewed by mike on Feb-14-2011 | Rating:
    Seaswirl - 250 Aft: Good Boat
    This has been a great boat.
    Reviewed by julian on Aug-04-2008 | Rating:
    Seaswirl - 175 Bowrider IO: Great puddle jumper/ski boat
    This is a great choice for the price. Terrific fit and finish plus just right for family ski and swim. Handles small waves very nicely and can get you out of trouble in a rough sea if caught. Best used in lake and tidal estuaries as it performs well in just 3 feet of water!
    Reviewed by Greg Nix on Jun-11-2007 | Rating:
    Seaswirl - 2600 Walkaround IO: boss
    do you have tests on 2600 walkaround
    Reviewed by vince jofrey on Sep-27-2006 | Rating: