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- 18 S
- 190 CC
- 205 CC
- 240 CC

Recent Seastrike Boats Reviews

  • Seastrike - 18 S: Seastrike 18S
    Great boat for the flats of Florida Bay. Nice dry ride on those 2ft choppy days. Handles 2 - 3ft swells very well when fishing on the outside. Solid hull.Seastrike has been around for years(still in business) Cruises at 30mph tops out at 48mph with 115 Yamaha.
    Reviewed by Jim on Jan-02-2010 | Rating:
    Seastrike - 190 CC: 19 seastrike
    boat is very good great ride in ruff water handles ocean well
    Reviewed by rick reynolds on Jun-15-2007 | Rating: