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- WA/2088

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  • Sea Master - WA/2088: 2002 Seamaster 2088WA
    Bought this boat used and when I got it in 2009 it looked as if it was off the show room floor. The only thing the previous owner had installed was a Lowrance depthfinder. So far this has been an excellent boat. It handles choppy water better than my old (96) Trophy and the Cuddy is far roomier. I have a bit less deck space than the trophy but the trphy was an outboard and the seamaster is an Inboard 3.0 Litre Volvo penta. I was skeptical when I first bought this boat as it is an East coast built boat. The same company now manufactures Seafox boats. The 3.0 litre is fast enough for a fishing boat. What it lacks in speed it gains in fuel consumption. With a 75 gallon tank I only had to fill it twice through out one summer and I am an avid boater and fisherman that spands many days and extended weekends in the San Juan islands. Awesome Boat!
    Reviewed by Ken on Jan-13-2012 | Rating: