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Recent Sea Craft Boats Reviews

  • Sea Craft - CC (23'3"): Potter Built Are Best
    If you can get your hands on an older hull and restore it, you are better off. The newer seacrafts are chain lined now and lost a lot of quality. while they are still a 3 piece hull, they are losing the repuation they once had. Try and get yourself an older hull and you wont be sorry.
    Reviewed by Ken on Apr-06-2008 | Rating:
    Sea Craft - CC (20'5"): 2005 SC 20 Classic
    I bought a 2005 sea craft sc20 classic back in sept of 2005 & this boat handles like no other. we just recently took it sword fishing & caught a 180 lb sword that took 3 1/2 hours to land. & some people said it could not be done. this is one of the best boats on the market.very happy with it & i'll stay in the sea craft family for the rest of my days.
    Reviewed by robert moya on Sep-15-2007 | Rating:
    Sea Craft - CC (20'5"): Best 20' Ever made!
    I have a 1984 20'4 Seacraft SF...I must say the ride is like no other...stable...dry....smooth....just unbelivable for it's size.
    Reviewed by Chris Orr on Aug-24-2007 | Rating:
    Sea Craft - CC (20'5"): Best 21 Footer Still Today
    I own a 1979 21 seacraft classic. I have completely restored it. This boat set the trend for deepvees. I'm a little disappointed in the new seacrafts although they look great, they dont ride the same as my classic. Owell.. still a great boat, but overpriced new. Hope this helps someone.
    Reviewed by Jake Niplan on Mar-28-2007 | Rating:
    Sea Craft - CC (20'5"): Water in fuel tank
    In July of 2006 we bought a 21 Sea Craft which handled like no other boat of it's class,but the way in which the fuel vent is facing, whenever the boat takes a wave it has a tendency of having water sucked into the fuel tank due to the fact that the vent always has a vacuum when the boat is underway.We ahve contacted the factory and are trying to see if they will cover this flaw under warantee.So far they have said no. It hurts after paying $000.00 plus in repairing the engine.We will make one last attempt before we take legal action against manufacturer.
    Reviewed by Hoss Puentes on Nov-15-2006 | Rating: