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Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

If you own a boat and travel offshore quite frequently, you should have a Satellite Phone with you at all times. Cellular cover provides in adequate landline service that offers your no assistance offshore or out of the network area.

Eighty-six percent of the world’s landmass and all of its oceas are in area’s with inadequate landline service. Satellite phones address this problem, by offering you service where ever you are. Satellite Phones cover all ocean areas, air routes, and all Landmasses. The coverage of a Satellite Phone is a sure bet.

A Satellite Phone system is a satellite based, wireless communication network designed to permit voice and data transmission to and from anywhere on earth, at any time. Satellite phones are the same size of a cordless phone and weigh less than a pound.

Top Satellite Phones

Globalstar Tri-Mode Satellite GSP-1600
The newest Globalstar Tri-Mode Satellite GSP-1600 phone from Qualcomm is certainly not the least expensive model available to adventure travelers, but it does provide a high-grade service from just about anywhere in the world. Features include automatic mode selection, voice-mail service, short message service, caller ID, data transmission and Low Earth Orbit satellite signal quality.

Iridium Motorola 9500 Phone
The Iridium 9500 satellite phone from Motorola provides reliable communications from anywhere to anywhere in the world and provides up to 20 hours of standby time with standard battery and provides up to 2 hours of talk time with standard battery. There’s a large selection of accessories, and new software makes it possible to fax and perform other data transfers.

ST211 Land Mobile Satellite Phone
The Mitsubishi ST211 delivers point-to-point and wide-area dispatch communication for fleets and vehicles of all types from most parts of the world. While a little pricey for the casual traveler, the serious world trekker will find superb reliability from this sophisticated system.