Sabine Lake Texas Fishing Report

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

May 2006
Flounder fishing on Sabine Lake has picked up on points and cuts. We also are catching trout drifting out from the bank when the winds blows too much to get into the lake. The best bite has been in the afternoon with Keith Lake doing good on trout and redfish on incoming tides. Best bait has been 1/4 jig fished with saltwater assassin 5″ cee biscuits working the bait right above the shell bottom. Redfish are moving on the flats in Keith Lake and Bessie Heights marsh. we are free lining live mullet and catching slot redfish early in the mornings on incoming tides. Sabine Pass channel is holding trout in Light House cove when the wind lays. We had 2 great trips in the cove last week with trout to 5 lbs on live shrimp and mullet. The Sabine Pass jetties is picking up with catches of speckled trout to 6 lbs on plastics and live mullet and croakers free lining them. We had 4 shark trips catching 15 to 25 black tip sharks up to 20 lbs on each trip. Also the bull reds to 40 lbs are showing up at the west jetties.

Offshore fishing has been great when we can get out. The wind has not let us fish the last 2 weeks but have been catching limits on snapper and a few big ling and the kingfish are showing up in good numbers 28 to 55 miles offshore over the wrecks. So look for a great month in June for Sabine Lake, jetties, and offshore fishing. Good Fishing.

– Capt. Randy

Mid May 2006
Brown shrimp are on the way out to the gulf and the action on Sabine Lake is as good as it gets and will last about a month to mid July. We are catching limits of trout to 4 lbs. and slot redfish. The birds are working the middle and north end of Sabine Lake feeding on the shrimp on top while the fish are all over them. Best bait has been wood pecker Norton sand eels fishing 3/8 jigs slow rolling the plastic on the bottom to get to the bigger fish and drag fishing around the schools catching bigger speckle trout and redfish. Good Fishing.

– Capt. Randy

April 2006
Fishing on sabine lake was about the same as March. We are still doing very good under the birds in the north end of the lake. The good news is the birds started working on the south and the middle also. The speckled trout are feeding on large white shrimp and the red fishing has been great also, all under the birds We are still catching the better fish on the mussel flats and the shell bottom. The best trout bite has been early morning with the best bait being glow and morning glory plastics with 1/4 oz jigs. The flounder fishing is great; we are catching flounder to 4 lbs on the Louisiana shore line all up and down in cuts and points using plastics tipped with croaker. Bessie Height marsh is cranking up and the red fish have moved in on the flats. We are catching the fish in 1 to 2 feet of water on 1/4 gold spoons early morning and then we are fishing with live mullet later in the day. A lot of the redfish are slot fish. Keith Lake is doing very well with lots on flounder being caught on jigs and live bait.

The Sabine Pass jetties are still doing very good on sheepshead and drum. The speckled trout are showing on incoming tides on calm days that we can fish the Sabine jetties. offshore fish is great out of Sabine Pass with snapper being caught to 20 lb. from 30 to 45 miles out. We also are seeing some big ling showing up and king fish are starting to work at 30 miles out. Shark fishing is starting up and we are catching lot of sharks 15 to 30 lbs. around the Sabine jetties out 3 to 6 miles. The best bait is cut mullet and we are also catching big bull red fish to 40lbs while shark fishing. Good Fishing.

– Capt. Randy

March 2006
March fishing on Sabine lake was a lot like February. The speckle trout are still up on the north end on the lake and some birds are still working over the school of trout. We are boating more redfish mixed in with the trout under the brids with the best bait for us still being red shad and morning glory plastics and top water when the wind lays. We are having lots of wind this month and it has been hard to fish the north end of the lake.

The Louisiana shore line is picking up on redfish and speckle trout also. I have been making long drifts out finding speckled trout in 4 to 7 ft water over clam, mud, and shell bottom. The best bite has been on outgoing tides with speckled trout to 5 lbs. also more redfish are mixed in with the trout. The flounder spring run is starting up. It is a little late with the strong south winds and it should be in full swing by the middle of April. We are catching some keepers on plastics on the points and drains on the Louisiana shore line. Keith lake is producing fair catches of trout on incoming tides. Reds are also on the flats and the flounder bite is getting steady on the incoming tide fishing point drains and cuts using plastics tipped with croaker has been the best.

Sabine pass jetties has been great for drum and sheepshead on dead shrimp. It has been tough to fish at the jetties with all the wind this month. offshore fishing is picking up; we did make a trip last week had a great catch of red snapper from 15 to 25 lbs. releasing all of them. Fishing in 72 ft of water and and all red snapper came to the top – what a sight. We fished over rock pails and underwater gulleys. The king fish and ling have no showed yet but may be there any day now. Please remember snapper season opens April 21 book your trips today. Good Fishing.

– Capt. Randy

February 2006
Fishing on Sabine Lake has been great. The brown shrimp started moving in the first part of the month and we are finding speckled trout to 4 lbs. under the birds along with a few redfish mixed in. All the fish have been caught on the north end of the lake with the best baits being morning glory and red shad plastics and top water for the bigger fish. The last half of the month the shad have showed up mixed in with the shrimp. The morning bite has been the best on days when the wind lays producing better catches of trout. After the birds stop feeding we move over to the mussel shell and mud flats and work a 1/16oz. jig head; working the plastic slow over the shell and mud. Flounder fishing has started to pickup. We had 6 keepers in Keith Lake along with speckled trout to 5 lbs. on the incoming tides. The redfish have also been schooling under the birds in Keith Lake.

Speckled trout, redfish and the flounder bite will be in full swing for the month of March. The fishing at the Sabine Jetties in Sabine Pass for sheepshead, black drum, and big bull reds is great when the wind lays. The short rigs are still great fishing for sand (white Trout) when we can get to them. Offshore fishing has been slow with the weather not letting us get out there, but we will be running more trips soon with snapper season opening April 21. Get your trips booked early.

– Capt. Randy

January 2006
Sabine Lake Fishing has been very good; we are still on the same pattern as December. I am fishing the mussel and mud flats and the oyster beds. The water has been low most of the month in the morning due to the Northers coming in. Our best catches of trout have been on the north end of the lake working morning glory bass assassin with 1/16 jig head. Still working the bait very slow on the bottom for and catching speckled trout from 2 to 4 lbs. The redfish just have not showed up yet, but this will change in February. Sheepshead and drum are doing very well around the Energy outfall canal and the old gulf states ditch with limits of fish being caught.

Keith Lake has been slow the first part of the month due to low tides. The 3rd and 4th week of the month we are starting to catch nice speckled trout on the bottom over oyster shell and also some red fish mixed in. Flounder fishing has been slow but it should start to pick up in 2 to 3 weeks and we have been catching a few in Keith lake. The Sabine Jetties are still holding a lot of big sheepshead, drum, and big bull redfish. The best bite has been on the incoming tide in the middle of the day. The fishing out to 12 miles has beed great for sand trout to 2 lbs and lots of drum and sheepshead mixed in at the rigs. Offshore fishing has been tough, we have not been able to get out recently but with red snapper season opening on April 21 we hope the winds will lay and let us get out there.

Captain Randy

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