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  • Rosborough - Rosborough Sedan Cruiser: Great Boat for the Bucks
    Have owned the 246 Sedan Cruiser for 5-6 years. It is well made and easy to keep up. Simple and straight forward is what it is about. No pretty plastic trim and no cheap mobile home construction waiting to fall apart. It will overnight a family of 4 in reasonable comfort and offers a ton of protected space for her owners. With this boat, rain or cold are no reasons not to go boating. Design cruise speed is 12-15 mph range with top speeds in the 20-30 range depending on power so she is not fast. The trade off to slow is she tracks well, can cruise well at displacement speeds and is designed to handle coastal conditions, but is still trailerable. The boat is available with I/O or OB power. Realistically it can run well with twin 50's or single OB of 120hp. It is pretty large on the trailer and launching and retrieving is not as simple as with smaller boats, but a trailer is a luxury in a boat this size. To tow you need at least a V8 full size pickup or Suv. A 3/4 ton rig would be even better. The trailer is no lightweight and by the time you add an engine, fuel and gear, it is probably knocking on 8000lbs. I have been well pleased with the boat.
    Reviewed by Bob Reynolds on Jan-12-2007 | Rating: