- 1900 Bay Boat
- 2100 Bay Boat
- CC/1920
- CC/2120
- CC/2420

Recent Robalo Boats Reviews

  • Robalo - 1900 Bay Boat: Built like a tank
    Great boat, solid construction. Handles 2 to 3 foot seas no problem. Very smooth ride. Stock electrical wiring needs to be replaced w/ marine grade. Only has 1 battery w/ no switch. Great little boat, very stable. Robalo bought this design from Wahoo boats & only sold like 30 of them I think. It's basically a Whaler hull style design, which Wahoo boats had a lawsuit over from Whaler.
    Reviewed by John on Mar-19-2011 | Rating:
    Robalo - CC/2120: Great boat for the money
    I got a real good deal on a 1999 2120. Boat is great for sound fishing or going off shore. Ive had this on over 20 miles of the Carolina coast. Not the dryiest boat but get you a set of curtains and youll be set.
    Reviewed by grant williams on Sep-26-2008 | Rating:
    Robalo - CC/1920: Robalo 1920.......Fast, stable, economical fishing machine
    This is my third year with my 1920....few problems, constructed like a tank. Draws only 2 feet so it doubles as a flats boat as well as handlng some 2-4 ft waves with ease. On plane at only 3400 rpm with a 125 2 stroke Merc. Absolutely great boat.
    Reviewed by Bill Allen on Jun-12-2007 | Rating: