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  • ProMaster - ProMaster 220: 97 promaster
    bought 21 ft promaster for reasonable amt of money knowing that it had soft floor and needed some work. factory construction is no good, very skimpy on glass on stringers, no wrapping. all stringers needed replacing and wood floor rotted out. transom was ok. Nice hull though. will be great boat when finished. was nice project for me. good boat for the money. just be careful to check floor.
    Reviewed by Randy on Mar-16-2014 | Rating:
    ProMaster - 185 ProMaster: FIW24946C999
    view side lay out
    Reviewed by angel on Jun-04-2012 | Rating:
    ProMaster - ProMaster 190: Great Fishing Boat
    Very wide and stable, great fuel capacity. I have a 130HP Johnson, unbeatable hole shot. It's an all around great ride. If you see a bad review on these boats then it's written by someone that has never owned one.
    Reviewed by KJ on Feb-03-2012 | Rating:
    ProMaster - ProMaster 220: 220 Pro Master
    Have had a 220 that I bought new in 98. With the 200 Johnson Ocean Runner, it's pretty strong. Up until 2 years ago I kept it in Pt. Aransas, and fished almost every weekend in it. Have never had a problem, and it handles the Gulf water as well as any bays.
    Reviewed by Mike Tierney on Aug-23-2010 | Rating:
    ProMaster - ProMaster 210: pro master 210
    i love my boat! i've read poor reviews that the wood rots. here's a suggestion.....drain the boat! a dry hull makes for dry wood. it ain't rocket science here folks. my 210 is a 1999 model and i've had no problems. take care of your boat and it'll take care of you.
    Reviewed by billy ray mladenka on Aug-19-2010 | Rating: