Port Canaveral Dolphin Fishing

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

The long awaited Canaveral Mahi bite is going off right now. Before last weeks windy weather, we had a nice little run of Mahi. But now that the front is gone, the bite is HOT!!!!! Every boat on Wednesday reported catching some. My customers from New Jersey had a great day. We stopped to bottom fish for a bit and picked up a couple of Flounder, a Cobia and a small Red Snapper.

While we were dropping on the Snapper, a 20lb Dolphin swam up to the boat. I grabbed a light spin outfit rigged with 12lb test and a white curly tailed grub. While the fellows were still working their baits on the bottom, I pitched it over to the fish and it ate it up in record time. I gave the rod to Frank and he put the bottom rod I one of the rod holders. Then out behind his hooked fish, we saw a large Bull Dolphin explode on the surface. We all wondered what was going on with that fish and then noticed the idle bottom rod bending like mad. That Dolphin had picked up a live Beeliner that we were using for a bottom bait in 170 ft. and ate it. So while Georgewas now fighting that fish, Bob tosses out a Ballyhoo on a single hook and leaves it to drift.

After I gaffed both of the Mahi, the 3rd rod with the drift bait goes off. Bob lands that one too. We trolled the immediate area and continued to pick up 4 more fish, up to 35lbs. The catch for the day, 2 flounder, 1 Cobia, 1 Snapper and 7 Mahi Mahi.