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    I purchased a brand new PALM BEACH CENTER CONSOLE from an authorized dealer. I fish the bays and nearshores of the TexasGulf Coast. Within two years the hull is cracking and falling apart. I spent over 300.00 in gas AT PALM BEACH REQUESTS to get estimates from repair shops. After the 4rth shop said the same thing PALM BEACH requested I towe the boat another 600 miles for another repair bid. In other words another 200.00 in gas plus hotel stays. PALM BEACH never honored their hull warranty and treated me like trash. I still have the boat, repair estimates range from 2,500 to 3,500 dollars to fix the hull. I was warned by all of the repair shops the hull could give way and IS DANGEROUS tp operate.
    Reviewed by KEVIN RYER on Jun-19-2007 | Rating: