- Owens 1-Cabin Flagship
- Owens 2-Cabin Flagship
- Owens 3-Cabin Flagship
- Owens Aruba
- Owens Aruba Aft Cockpit
- Owens Barbados Yacht Express
- Owens Barbary Sedan
- Owens Baroness Flagship Express
- Owens Bridge Sedan
- Owens Bridge Sedan Cruiser
- Owens Brigantine
- Owens Brigantine Sport Fisherman
- Owens Buccaneer Express
- Owens Catalina Flagship
- Owens Commando Sea Skiff
- Owens Contessa Flagship
- Owens Contessa Flagship Express
- Owens Empress Flagship Cruiser
- Owens Fisherman ()
- Owens Fisherman (33'0")
- Owens Flagship Express
- Owens Flagship Express Sedan
- Owens Flagship Sedan Cruiser
- Owens Grenada Double Cabin
- Owens Jamaican Express (34'6")
- Owens Jamaican Express (34'7")
- Owens Luxury Sedan
- Owens Maracaibo Sport Sedan ()
- Owens Maracaibo Sport Sedan (34'7")
- Owens Marauder
- Owens Margarita Sedan
- Owens Matador Sea Skiff Express
- Owens Matador Sea Skiff w/FB
- Owens Raider Sea Skiff Express
- Owens Regency Express
- Owens Saracen Sea Skiff Express
- Owens Sea Skiff Commando
- Owens Sea Skiff I/O Cruiser
- Owens Sea Skiff Matador Express Cruiser
- Owens Sedan Cruiser
- Owens Speedship Express
- Owens Sultana Cruiser
- Owens Tahitian
- Owens Tahitian Double Cabin
- Owens Tortuga Express
- Owens Yacht Express

Recent Owens Boats Reviews

  • Owens - Owens 3-Cabin Flagship: 1949 Owens Flagship
    Sweet old girl, lots of style and class. Double plank hull very strong and engines run great.
    Reviewed by Ric Whaley on Jan-02-2011 | Rating:
    Owens - Owens Margarita Sedan: 1966 Owens Margarita
    I also have an Owens Margarita, it is complete and running, and I use it quite a bit, needs to be pulled and painted this year, but, they are great boats, you'll be happy with it.
    Reviewed by Michael Fannan on Jul-07-2010 | Rating:
    Owens - Owens Margarita Sedan: 1968 Owens Margarita Yacht Sedan, 33'- Update RE: Specs
    Now the kids are back in school, we have been able to get some measurements on the boat so there are updated and CORRECT specs & measurements for the 1968 Owens Margarita Yacht Sedan.

    (LOA) Overall length: 33 ft. Beam: 10 ft. (Width: 10 ft. 4") Draft: 2 ft. 6" Fuel Capacity: 400 gallons (2 two-hundred gallon tanks, 1 tank on each side) Weight: Estimated 10,000 pounds Maximum HP: Depends upon engines within boat

    Water Supply Tank: 100 gallons The boat has an open 6 ft. stern deck/patio that leads via a door into the main cabin. The cabin has a living room, then kitchen (on starboard/left side). There was originally a control panel (port/right side) like the fly bridge has in order to control the boat from inside. We plan on restoring this. From there it leads down one step to the bathroom on (starboard/left side) and built-in bunk bed on port/right side. Forward from there is another room/cabin where there is a bow bed. Above the bow bed are the bow windows with a hatch that opens up onto the bow of the boat for easy escape or sunbathing on the bow.

    The engines and tanks (fuel and water) are located under the floor in the "living room" area of the boat. The fly bridge is located up a ladder above the main cabin where the main control panel for control of the boat with two captain's chairs. There is currently no cover for the fly-bridge, but we plan to install a removable one.

    We hope that by posting these details that it helps to document a classic that POSSIBLY is one-of-a-kind at this date and time, and/or maybe help someone to determine if this is the boat they have.

    We also have a copy via digital image of the original ad for this boat. If ANYONE else has this boat, please contact us. As far as we have been able to determine via research on the internet, we have the ONLY '68 Owen Margarita Yacht Sedan in existence. If someone else has this same boat, we would LOVE to hear from you and chat back and forth via E-mail or IM about the boat: Free2BADragon@yahoo.com
    Reviewed by Peter and Echo VanderWal on Sep-23-2009 | Rating:

    Owens - Owens Margarita Sedan: 1968 Owens Margarita Yacht Sedan, 33'
    As far as we can tell, we have the only 33 ft Owens Margarita Yacht Sedan that still exists. We were lucky, got it for free, but needed to have it hauled to our place for dry dock. The boat is very sea-worthy as she is, that's where she was when we got her. Twin engine- 350's. One is seized, the other rebuild able. Needs new railing around the front. Tinted windows. Fly bridge needs floor replaced due to rotting. Inside needs restoration. We currently have her in dry-dock on the property, as we need to replace a few boards above the water line as well. We plan to get new diesel twin engines, replace the few boards that need to be replaced due to rot, replace floor on fly-bridge, repaint entire boat-then fiber glass just past water line. Due to the need to restore much of the inside, and the few repairs on the outside & replace the engines, we currently rate her at 3 stars. If ANYONE else has this boat, we would love to chat back and forth about the boat. Can contact at Free2BADragon@yahoo.com
    Reviewed by Peter & Echo VanderWal on Aug-29-2009 | Rating:
    Owens - Owens Contessa Flagship: Owner of a owens flagship contessa
    Wow, I just purchase a 1963 Owens Flagship Contessa.. And I am very excited, it is a well build and strong cruiser... and have had it out everyday so far, with friends that can not get over the ride and handling of this flagship...
    Reviewed by Michael on Jan-04-2007 | Rating: