Oil Spill in the Philippines – Update

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

We reported a few weeks ago of the sinking of a large tanker off the coast of the Philippines, and after the damage has been assessed, the problem is not as severe as feared.

Daniel Gayosa, who is commanding the search and rescue vessel EDSA II at the wreck site, says the tanker, Solar 1, is spilling less than 10 liters of oil a day. “We still don’t know if there is still oil in there. Those tanks are also watertight and it’s possible some of them are still intact. (But) we still don’t know their status,” Gayosa said.

However, it is affecting one of the Philippines best fishing areas, Visayan Sea, which may still result in a severe economic downturn in the country where fishing is one of the largest industries. As a result, many of the area