- 17 HPX Micro
- HP/Mirage
- Mirage 2
- Mirage Angler (18'5")
- Mirage Angler (21')

Recent Maverick Boats Reviews

  • Maverick - HP/Mirage: Fish
    Reviewed by Jon on May-02-2014 | Rating:
    - : Best Poling Boat For Buck!
    Just picked up my 17 micro and I am very impressed with this boat overall. I was worried it would not be stable at this weight, but it does everything I need and it more than enough stable with 3 people. We fished about 6 inches of water and poled through some stuff that could of been 4 inches! A technical poling boat under 25k... can't beat that.
    Reviewed by Ted M. on Jun-29-2009 | Rating:
    Maverick - Mirage Angler (21'): WOW
    Doing 70mph in 1 foot chop and not having to hold on for your life sums up the 21. It can get real skinny and you can make long runs. Also for its size it is not a bad boat to pole. The only problem is price, but if you want quality you need to pay for it.
    Reviewed by Murph on Sep-12-2007 | Rating: