Maumee Lake Flathead Catfish 37 Pound lb

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

Murlin Catches 37 Pound Flathead Catfish in Maumee Lake

When summer rolls around there is only one thing on the mind of fishermen who make the trip to Maumee Lake in the Grand Rapids, flathead catfish. There are a number of very large flathead catfish that live in the area and recently, John Murlin, set the bar high for fishers this summer, by catching a 43 inch, 37 pound flathead catfish. This comes just days after another angler had reeled in a 35 pound fish.

The average size for flathead catfish range from around 3-8 pounds, but like the one Murlin caught, there are some giant fish in the Maumee Lake and it is always interesting to see who reels in the largest fish of the season. Now the peak fishing time for flathead catfish is late summer so it won