Marine Boat Propellers – Inboard, Mercury, Yamaha

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

Marine boat propellers for your inboard, outboard, and marine boat are used in the propulsion of your craft.  Popular companies such as Michigan, have all sizes of propellers available with different pitches, shafts, and types.   Stainless props are recommended for saltwater use and offshore fishing use.

Propellers come in aluminum, composite, stainless, bronze, and ski-town.  The sizing varies on the horse power of your engine.

Mechanical ship propulsion began with the steam ship. The first successful ship of this type is a matter of debate; candidate inventors of the 18th century include William Symington, the Marquis de Jouffroy, John Fitch and Robert Fulton, however William Symington’s ship the Charlotte Dundas is regarded as the world’s “first practical steamboat”. Paddle-wheels as the main motive source became standard on these early vessels (see Paddle steamer). Robert Fulton had tested, and rejected, the screw-propeller.