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- Z302 Shabah

Recent Mariah Boats Reviews

  • Mariah - CU/238: Very Nice Boat For Money
    Mariah is a 2nd generation Renken family boat company. I owned a 20' renken for 17 years and only had one problem (timing needed to be calibrated). My Mairiah 23'7" (220 HP Merc. with Carb.)is one of the nicest looking boats I have seen, and I get compliments on it everytime I put it in the water. It drives like a car (stearing is flawless), is realtively quiet and it takes the rough water fairly well, I have never gotten wet. I wish the hull was a little thicker, but the gas milage is good, the boat has a top end of 43-44 mph and it performs (plainsturnsdocking etc.) very well. The cockpit layout is very comfortable with a nice sunpad, wrap around bench seating and two captain chairs with the captain's chair convertable to bolsterstandup. The swim platform has a telescoping ladder and fresh water shower head that stays warm (most the time) due to the water tank's location beside the motor. Boat has a nice JVCJBL stereo 2 speakers in the cock pit, and 2 speakers in the cabin. The cabin is comfortable and roomy with decent head room, and includes a small sink, gas stove, ligt, and storage wrap-around rack around entire cabin. Boat has convenient anchor storage on front of deck. Overall, I am very pleased with my 23'7' Mariah. It is a good qaulity boat. I purhased it new and I haven't had any problems for 4 years now. I have spent many confortable relaxing weekends on the water. For the money, you won't find anything around that can touch it. Glenn Hughes
    Reviewed by Glenn Hughes on Sep-25-2009 | Rating:
    Mariah - Z302 Shabah: best of both worlds
    the mariah shabah z302 is the best of both worlds! luxury boat with all the fun of a gofast ski boat. you can take your friends in a fast cruise around the lake while still stopping to get the kids in the water for tubing or waterskiing. when you pull out of the marina, you will be amazed at the people who watch you! tough as nails in rough water. the bow cuts through the waves like butter . the weight of the boat is the key! depending upon the motor it has, will determine the speed you go. the trim on the boat will also determine the speed. the power seats are a nice touch as well as the captains call. down side is the getting used to the two levers on the right of the pilot. one is for power and the other is a shifter for forward neutral and reverse, if you are used to a typical power forward power reverse boat, you might find your self in reverse and pusing the power thinking you are going forward! Not good. takes a little getting used to but it is very cool. if you get a chance at a 99,00,01 just do it and you will have a great boat for your friends and family!
    Reviewed by mark keough on Feb-01-2009 | Rating:
    Mariah - Z222: Mariah Z222
    I've recently purchased a 1999 Mariah Z222. This boat is loaded. Power helm, power sunpad, power nav lights, windsheild wiper and defogger and on and on. Awesome boat. The finish and upholsery is top end (like a luxury car). We cruised the trent severn all summer with absulutely no problems at all. If you can find a Mariah built between 1998-2001, buy it, you be extremely pleased!
    Reviewed by Tod on Nov-11-2006 | Rating: