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Recent Mako Boats Reviews

  • Mako - CC/192: Best Year Mako's
    The owners of Mako sold late in 1995, but workers were in place thru 1996. Quailty would be the same until 1997.
    Reviewed by Haggy on Oct-29-2012 | Rating:
    Mako - CC/192: Mako 1996 19 ft. Center Console
    Got a 1996 (last year of real Mako) Solid, rides like a 23 ft. Boat . Mercury 150 OS After the 90's some say not as good. My 1996 is a Keeper. Goes off shore like a 23 ft. gets me in and out of the Tiki bars like a champ. Will not sell or trade for anything. 80's and 90's best tho.
    Reviewed by Dale on Oct-29-2012 | Rating:
    Mako - CC/221: Mako Rocks
    Me and my girlfreinds like to fish and we where tired of paying the charter boat company $75 just to go to these crappy spots and not catch any fish so we decided we wanted a boat but no to big. So we purchased a 212 mako we all said well the only reason we went on charter boats because there big and they will handle rough water so we felt safe. We where shocked when are boat had handle the ROUGH WATER LIKE IT DID... WOW RIDES BETTER THAN THE CHATER BOATS SO GIRLS DONT STAY ON THE PIERS GO GET YOUR SELF A SMOOTH RIDING MAKO OVER THE YEARS WE DID A TEST ALL THE TIMES WE WENT ON THE CHARTER BOAT WE COULD HAVE BOUGHT TO MAKO 212 BOATS
    Reviewed by Martha Havenway on Oct-20-2009 | Rating:
    Mako - CC/221: looooooooveeee iiiiitttttt
    love at first sight just bought yesterday
    Reviewed by RYAN THOMPSON on Oct-15-2009 | Rating:
    let me tell you i did not have this boat in my budget but once i saw it i made way in my budget its sleek lines and designs are great rough water no problem i can take this boat anywhere i mean anywhere i set this boat up with a 175 optimax but if you can get more horsepower get it my brother has a 1988 mako that looks great these boat are like invincible i tell you the are great rugid and are always ready for action. Military forces use this boat for serious operations I get this boat fishing machine
    Reviewed by ROBERT TYLER on Oct-15-2009 | Rating: