Major Oil Spill off Coast of Philippines

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

A major oil spill of the coast of the Philippines just a few hours ago, August 16, 20006 at around 2PM Eastern Time, may threaten deep sea fishing in the area for at least a few months. The tanker went down spilling thousands (520,000 to be exact) of gallons of oil into the ocean.

The Philippines government has called for International support to help fix this issue. Many of the Philippines animal life is already dead or will be dead soon because of the oil spill. Those animals who live will probably be negatively affected in some way and not be edible. Fishing is one of the major markets in the Philippines and this accident could cripple the economy if serious.

“We don’t have the capability right now to salvage sunken vessels this deep. That’s why we’re seeking international support. “We are looking at the possible evacuation and support for our displaced fisherfolk. We don’t know how long this (cleanup) will take,” Coastguard spokesman Lieutenant-Commander Joseph Coyme told ABS-CBN television.

You will be hearing a lot on this issue very soon and we will keep you posted on the issue at this web site. This is a major problem for fishermen as well as tourists who enjoyed fishing in the previous blue waters of the Philippines.