- 290 Open
- 320 Convertible
- 320 Open
- 360 Convertible
- 360 SX
- 400 Convertible
- 400 Open
- 500 Convertible
- 500 Open
- Luhrs Convertible
- Luhrs Convertible Sedan
- Luhrs Double Cabin Cruiser
- Luhrs Double-Cabin
- Luhrs Flybridge Cruiser (28'0")
- Luhrs Flybridge Cruiser (32'0")
- Luhrs Motor Yacht
- Luhrs Motor Yacht Sedan
- Luhrs Sedan
- Luhrs Sedan MY
- Luhrs Sedan/Sportfisher
- Luhrs Sportfisherman
- Luhrs Super Offshore
- Luhrs T-250 Open
- Luhrs T-290 Open
- Luhrs T-380
- Luhrs T-380 Open
- Luhrs Tournament (31'6"" w/o pulpit")
- Luhrs Tournament (31'6"" w/o pulpit")
- Luhrs Tournament (35'0")
- Luhrs Tournament (35'5"" (38'6"" w/pulpit)")

Recent Luhrs Boats Reviews

  • Luhrs - Luhrs Flybridge Cruiser (28'0"): 28
    i dont mind the enclosed flbirydge. yeah, it looks really tall, but its comfortable. what turns me off is the flbirydge helm being so far aft. i want my main helm on the flbirydge, but i want to be able to see forward.
    Reviewed by Rosana on Mar-31-2013 | Rating:
    Luhrs - Luhrs Flybridge Cruiser (32'0"): my 32ft 1971 luhrs sport fish
    I was given a boat a Christmas by an old Sailor who wanted it to go to a good home...

    Have sunk all my last little pennies laying new Stringers and decking, Engines are fully serviced and were in fairly good order when the boat was driven to its new home here in Fort lauderdale...

    Any help or thoughts people can give would be much greatful.

    The name will be ''The Hairy Snapper'' so blow your horn if you see us out fishing and diving... All welcome.
    Reviewed by lobstersticker@hotmail.com on Apr-12-2010 | Rating:

    Luhrs - 290 Open: be careful
    I owned a 95 '29 open from 2002-2004. Great amount of boat for the $ but I would not recommend one. Slow (17 knots), poor mileage, poor range all make offshore limited. Be very careful if u run WOT--once boat reaches about 23-24 knots she will list violently for no reason other than a hull shape/design problem. It will catch u off guard and has nothing to do with wakes or waves. Boat can't run with that much hull out of water or becomes very top heavy and will all of a sudden list violently where passengers will think u r tipping over.

    Also had lots of headaches )spent $39,000 on repairs over 2 yrs. After pulling both engines and redoing most of engine compartment, 1 yr later the fiberglass mufflers developed stress cracks and the salt water cooling around them sprayed the engine compartment. Next time I opened compartment-- blocks/wiring looks corroded. Lots of little things plus the big things first mentioned.

    GREAT LAYOUT of helm and cockpit--love that. But don't be drawn in by the layout--move up to a higher quality boat or at least the 32 with diesels-- there's a reason the '29 is so much less than the 32'

    My 2 cents from a previous 29 owner.
    Reviewed by alan on Apr-02-2010 | Rating:

    Luhrs - 320 Open: Great Boat For The Money
    If you can get your hands on this boat at a good price, it will perform great. The only regret we have is not getting diesel inboards.. The boat is very comfy when we take out up to 6 people and sometimes even more!
    Reviewed by Mike on Apr-05-2008 | Rating:
    Luhrs - 320 Open: Poor Mans Cabo
    The 32 open is has a center console with seating all around it. The eisen glass protects you and guest from spray in rough sea condtions. As far as fishability, the boat has ample room with out a fighting chair and is very beamy. The livewell was designed with a flaw as it doesnt have a good cover to keep the water from overflowing when the boat is rocking. Can be annoying. Otherwise, get yourself the diesel model, as the gas model sucks it up.
    Reviewed by Eric Kates on Dec-01-2006 | Rating: