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- 180
- 180WZ
- AN 140S
- AN 140T
- AN 148S
- AN 148T
- AN 160S
- AN 160T
- AN 165S
- AN 165T
- FM 160S
- FM 166S
- FM 166T
- FM 179S
- FM 179T
- GLS176sw
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- GLS197
- Jm220
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- Ml180
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- ML240
- Th1910
- Th2210
- Tr180
- Tr200
- Tr201
- Tr220
- Tr221
- Tr240
- Tr240FD
- Tr241

Recent Lowe Boats Reviews

  • Lowe - GLS197: Great Boat
    Great boat! Very well made perfect Big lake and small lake boat. Handles very well for boat this size on big water. Anyone I have had out is amazed on how it handles on big water and wants to know where to get one. Great Salmon and Walleye Boat!
    Reviewed by Bill on Aug-14-2012 | Rating:
    Lowe - GLS197: Best Boat Lowe made
    Great Boat! Turns into open bow cruiser with cushions, Great Walleye and Salmon Boat! Better than the fish and Ski due to more room. Would recommend 115hp vs. 90hp for multiple purpose boat. Very well designed Boat!
    Reviewed by Bill on Jul-30-2012 | Rating:
    Lowe - GLS197: Great Boat
    This boat is a great all around Boat! Very solid on Bad days in the Great Lakes! Can Easily Fit 6 people very comfortably. I have A Merc. 115hp able to pull tubers, skiers and wake boarders when converted into open bow family boat. Very solid construction perfect length and width for big and small lakes. Coverts very easy to an ultimate fishing machine. I would recommend to anyone I am always asked why Lowe does not make anymore it is a very well designed boat!
    Reviewed by Ron on Jun-07-2012 | Rating:
    Lowe - FM 179T: lowe fm 179t
    I have absolutely no performance complaints with this boat. Just as solid as the two lunds I have owned. Very deep boat that handles up to five rioters like a champ!!! There is a little lack of storage but so roomy you don't trip over what you can't fit in storage anyways. Great boat for the money!!
    Reviewed by ryan on Oct-10-2011 | Rating:
    Lowe - 180WZ: Best boat I've ever owned!
    My 1999 Lowe 180wz has been the best boat I've ever owned. Its powered by a Johnson 115 with a stainless steel prop. I installed a hydrofoil fin on the motor and I get over 55 MPH, which is more than fast enough for me. If you get the chance to get your hands on a boat like this.....GET IT!
    Reviewed by Randall on Feb-15-2011 | Rating: