Live Squid Rigging For Swordfish

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

Using live squid for many big game species is extremely effective.  South Florida guys are reporting great hookups with swordfish when they get there hands on live squid.

Most of the time live squid are caught when coming into the light while swordfishing.  However, anglers in the Northeast regularly target the squid and throw them in a livewell for fishing later on.

Here one angler describes how he rigged his live squid:

I got a mongo squid the other night. It was over 22″. I don’t really see a lot of squid while out there, but when this thing slammed Glen’s live finger mullet he had out for the possible random dolphin I was stoked. Glen was able to coax it over to the side if the boat and I dip netted it, and threw it in the live well. It was a funny seine. I thought some one was going to end up like this guy. 

I live rigged with a wax floss bridle through its mantle point, about 2 inches back so as not to damage any organs. I had never live rigged a squid, so I was just winging it, and hoped to keep it live. Basically rigging it like a live runner with floss. Then I sent it back down. It lived like a champion, and couldn’t have looked any better. I dropped it down to 350″ plus and after 30 min I brought it back up and it was perfect. Then night was over for us, weekday and we all had to work in the morning. We had gone 2/2 both released pups, but Glen and Dave’s first swordfish and the firsts for the boat. So I didn’t get a swordy on the live squid, but if we had more time it would have worked. It is swimming perfectly, fully using its wings, and the tentacles were pulled in streamline then extend out, wild color changes. Very cool seine.

Here an angler describes fishing live squid in the Canyons:

When fishing the canyons up north we almost always were able to catch squid and you can