Lemon Shark IGFA World Record 385lb

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

New IGFA world record; 385 lb shark on 16 lb tippet is now heaviest fish caught on fly

DANIA BEACH, Fla., U.S.A. — (May 17, 2006) — The catch-and-release of a 385 lb lemon shark on fly has officially been approved as a world record by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA). 

It also becomes the heaviest documented fish caught on fly tippet.

IGFA world records coordinator Rebecca Reynolds made the official announcement that Dr. Martin Arostegui, Coral Gables, Florida, USA had caught the heaviest fish ever documented on fly beating out a nearly 40 year old record.

A little background on Arostegui; last year the retired Miami-area physician received a lifetime achievement award from the IGFA for over 100 world record catches through 2004 and this past March took home a grand slam of honors at the IGFA World Record Achievement Awards ceremony for the most world records in 2005 in saltwater, freshwater and on fly.

None of his other catches has ever been this heavy on any tackle, said Arostegui.

Continuing his relentless pace for world records with extensive travel, planning, preparation and review of the IGFA World Record Games Fishes annual and continuously updated IGFA web site of world records, Arostegui