- 206 Anniversary Edition
- 244 Cabrio (24'4")
- 310 Mid-Cabin
- BR/Flyer 176
- BR/SEI 186
- BR/SEI 206
- BR/SEI 226
- Cabrio 244
- Cabrio 254
- Cabrio 270
- Cabrio 290
- Cabrio 330
- CU/Hampton 235
- DB/213 Escape
- DB/233 Escape
- Escape 213
- Escape 233
- Flyer 166
- Flyer 176
- Hampton 215 Cuddy
- Hampton 235
- Larson Cabrio (27'0"" w/pulpit")
- Larson Cabrio (28'11"" w/pulpit")
- Larson Cabrio (32'6"" w/pulpit")
- LXi 186
- LXi 206
- LXi 206 Bowrider I/O
- LXi 226
- LXi 226 Bowrider I/O
- LXi 236 Bowrider I/O
- LXi Classic 206
- LXi Classic 226
- SEi 176
- SEi 186 I/O
- SEi 186 Ski n Fish I/O
- SEi 186 Ski n Fish O/B
- SEi 194 Closed Bow I/O
- SEi 206 Bowrider I/O
- SEi 206 Bowrider O/B
- SEi 206 I/O
- SEi 206 O/B
- SEi 206 Ski n Fish I/O
- SEi 226
- SEi 226 Bowrider I/O
- SEi 226 SS Bowrider I/O
- SEi 236 Bowrider I/O

Recent Larson Boats Reviews

  • Larson - Flyer 166: Quick fun family run about
    We have owned a Larson 166 with a Yamaha 115 for five years now. Fun to drive, looks nice and it goes quickly. Kids love it for tubing and skiing. Impossible to keep trimmed at the higher speeds, a bother getting the the tow bar in and out, the max weight is easily exceeded, and yes our ladder eventualy pulled out as well. Still, the combination of that dependable fast outboard with this light hull has made for a lot fun.
    Reviewed by Steve on Feb-08-2012 | Rating:
    Larson - Cabrio 270: VERY LOW QUALITY FIBERGLASS
    In july 2008 I purchased a new Larson LXI 228. After only 100 hours of use, divided in four different summer, in the last september 2010 I noticed a serious osmose problem afflicted my boat, I have to say that I keep the boat in the garage for the other 9 month, it goes in the water only in the summer. So I contacted the very kind italian seller who sold me the boat, since he's far away from me (200 miles) he told me to contact a technicians in my city that prove the osmose. And so I did, the technician come with an electronic machine and detected an high percentage of osmose on the hull, after that he broke some of the bubbles and a thick and smelly liquid came out. I took a lot of pictures and I sent all to the dealer. He contacted Larson company and told them about my problem because my boat has a warranty and he made a quote to fix the boat. After four month and several emails I got a response from Larson, they say they can only help with 2500 USD nothing more I must take care for the rest, the problem is that to fix the boat in Italy it takes more than the double of that as the quote of their seller prove. I replied them that I don't want any money but I would like to have my boat in perfect order, as everybody expect after a spending a large amount of money. Now the italian dealer says that he can't do nothing and Larson doesn't want to fix my boat, they wrote me to "accept the 2500 USD or they withdraw the offer. In Italy Larson boats are very expensive but, at that time, I decided to buy one just to have an high quality boat without problem (I believed), to have a "LIFETIME WARRANTY", to have "A BETTER BUILT BOAT" as they say in their slogans but all I got is an unusable boat ruined by osmose. Maybe I was unlucky but if warranty exist it must be for a reason. Now I feel so stupid to have bought a Larson, I feel like I throwed my money away. I worked hard to save money to buy the boat and now I cannot believe that "AN AMERICAN CLASSIC COMPANY" can treat customers regardless of their problem.
    Reviewed by Gio Papy on Jan-15-2012 | Rating:
    Larson - Flyer 176: 97 Larson 176 OB
    I bought this boat last year as a first boat. It has been great. I am writing a review in the hopes that I run across other Flyer owners. I have questions about mounting a pylon. It has a 90 Johnson OB, seats 6 comfortably and reliable. I would of rated it a five star but I wish it had more storage but in a 17.6 foot boat you cant really ask for everything.
    Reviewed by txjeffro301 on Mar-27-2011 | Rating:
    Larson - Flyer 166: cool but could have been better
    The boat is a 99 model with a 90 HP Yamaha 2 stroke, boat really flies. The ladder sucks it has pulled out twice and upholstery is shoddy, on smooth lakes like Greenwood the boat is awesome but on choppy water like at Murray the boat hits the waves hard, almost impossible to get it up to speed, the boat is fun and I look forward every year to lake season
    Reviewed by Randall on Feb-02-2011 | Rating:
    Larson - Cabrio 270: 2001 270 Cabrio
    I guess the best compliment is to say I would by this boat again except you can't becuase it has been for some time now the 274 Cabrio. What a shame the beam was reduced from 9'and the cabin has suffered. The perormance with a single Volvo 5.7 has been great and cruises without little effort at 4k 40mph. The notched hull is great and helps with fuel economy. Happy Boating!!
    Reviewed by Dan L Vallieu on Sep-24-2010 | Rating: