Lake Fork Texas Fishing Report

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

The spawn continues to roll on at Lake Fork, with a stable weather pattern of warm and sunny days. While the spawn is wrapping up in many protected shallow areas, many new beds are showing up in deeper and more main lake areas. Although sight fishing is the best bet for these lunkers if conditions are right, backing off and slowly working deeper cover is the way to go on windy and overcast days. Based on past years, look for the spawn to continue until mid-May.

In areas where the spawn is winding down, female bass will soon be shaking off their post spawn hangovers and will start feeding heavily. In addition, fry guarding males will be chasing away marauding bluegill with a vengeance. Look for the fast action topwater, crankbait and Carolina rig bite to start in late April and last through June. Shallow or deep, the post spawn and early summer patterns offer the best fishing of the year for numbers of 3 to 7 pound bass and a good shot at a true lunker.

Lake Conditions: Lake Fork