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  • Kencraft - Sea King 230cc: best 23 there is end of story!
    Any boat is a wet ride in a head sea with the wind in your face.MY 23 kencraft has such a huge bow aii the water blows out to the side when you power in to a wave. When sitting in the water next to a conntender 27 or 31 my bow sits at least a foot higher out of the water with a9ft beam.I have a ton of room to fish plus a stand up shower under my center counsel and I am 6foot2.I run my boat with twin 250 suzukis i get 3mpg and she will run 62mph! I can run 60 miles to the Bahamas in 2hr and burn 20 gals of fuel trolling I burn less than 1gal per hr spend 3 days fishing and come home and never buy fuel at 5.00$ per gal in the islands. To stay nice and dry I have enisineglass around the center counsel dry and warm in the winter I have been in a lot of rough seas 6to10ft and have never had any waves come over the bow. This is the baddest 23 footer on the water period if you still dont think so come on down to jupiter and take a shot at the title!
    Reviewed by Keith Sutcliffe on Jan-01-2010 | Rating:
    Kencraft - Sea King 230cc: wet boat
    One of the wettest boats I've ever been in. If you want a smooth wet ride, buy a barge or buy this boat.
    Reviewed by Jim Balask on Nov-23-2009 | Rating:
    Kencraft - Sea King 230cc: Slick Ride
    Went offshore 3 times already in a 2009 model 230 Seaking by Kencraft. Definitely a smoother ride than my buddies 23 open contender by far. Seems to run better in chop the faster you push it. In a real 2-3 headsea, I find this boat rides as well as a 24 Regulator with less roll on the drift. Great amount of room in cockpit for a 23 class boat too due to the motor bracket. Definitely a no nonsense tournament style boat that is pretty darn heavy at over 7500lbs. loaded on the trailer with 140 gallons of fuel. The weight is one of the reasons the ride is so good though. LOVE IT!
    Reviewed by Scott H. on Oct-19-2009 | Rating:
    - : Overall Great Quality Price is OK
    We bought this boat second hand after researching all the popular 23 footers on the market. The quality of this boat was great and was priced right. A new one is a bit too pricy for the market and I think they would sell many more if the price dropped without sacraficing quality.
    Reviewed by Aarom Walden on Oct-10-2007 | Rating: