IRL Fishing

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

Indian River Lagoon Coast Fishing Forecast, September 2006

Mosquito Coast Fishing Charters

As hurricane season progresses and the summer squalls move north in the Atlantic, the prevailing summer breezes will begin to switch from the southeast to the northeast. This transition signals the beginning of the fall migration of all critters preferring warmer climates.  These gradual shifts also marks the beginning of the fall fishing season as hordes of baitfish, primarily silver mullet, and predatory species begin their southerly migration along the beach and through the Indian River Lagoon. 

In my experience, baitfish move south in pulses or waves, rather than a continuous flow, so finding the bait is the key to catching fish.  One day a particular location will be loaded with bait, and the next day they will be gone.  It