Impeller Pumps, Mercruiser, Single, Plastic – Replacement & Installation

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

Replacement and Installation Of Impeller Water Pumps Should Be Done Annually.

Impellers in Pumps
In impeller is a rotating component of a pump , usually made of iron, steel, aluminum or plastic, which transfers energy from the motor that drives the pump to the fluid being pumped by forcing the fluid outwards from the centre of rotation. Impellers are round discs with protrusions forming paddles to push the fluid.

Impellers in Water Jets
Some impellers are similar to small propellers but without the large blades. Among other uses, they are used in water jet to power high speed boats.

Since impellers have no large blades to turn, they can spin at much higher speeds than propellers. The water forced through the impeller is channelled by the housing, creating a water jet that propels the vessel forward. The housing is normally tapered into a nozzle to increase the speed of the water, which also creates a Venturi effect in which low pressure behind the impeller pulls more water towards the blades, so tending to increase the speed.

To work efficiently, there must be a close fit between the impeller and the housing. The housing is normally fitted with a replaceable wear ring which tends to wear as sand or other particles are thrown against the housing side by the impeller.

Vessels using impellers are normally steered by changing the direction of the water jet.

Mercrusier Impeller Pumps

Alpa One Water Pumps and parts are available at Mercruiser parts dealers.  The impller should be changed annually.  This is a very inexpensive part and will keep your marine engine running smoothly.

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