How To Keep Your Catch Fresh

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

Before heading out fishing you should always pack your cooler with sufficient amount of ice that will cover a good days fishing.  Never plan for a bad day of fishing with your ice.  Ice is a key tool and without enough of it, you may have to stop your trip short.

Anglers that are heading out offshore for dolphin (mahi-mahi or dorado) can expect a good day to involve a large school and fishing frenzy with multiple catches.  With over 20 fish in the cooler you want to be sure each fish is receiving proper amount of icing.

Certain fish such as tuna will be best if bled and gutted.  Once gutted you can fill the belly with ice and then place the entire fish in your fishbox or cooler.  Same goes for your snapper, grouper, and many other quality eating fish.

When choosing your ice you will have the option of crushed or block ice.  Each type of ice has advantages and disadvantages.    However block ice tends to last much longer and keeps your catch nice a cold in a closed cooler.

If you have a fish such as a large mako shark or large swordfish that won