How To Choose A Cast Net

Posted on August 24th, 2013 by Mike

A cast net is a great fishing tool to capture bait and other fish with one quick toss of the net.  Most anglers use a cast net or sabiki rigs to catch bait before heading out for the target fish.  Fishing with live bait is extremely effective and catching the live bait just before fishing ensures a good day.

The net you choose should be based on several factors that include the following:


Some nets are weighted heavier than others and designed to sink faster.  When throwing a cast net in deeper waters, you will want a net that sinks rather fast.  This helps when you bait is on the surface or down on the bottom.

If you are working the shallows than a heavy net is not necessary and you can go with a lighter net.  Working a lighter net allows you to throw it many times without getting as tired.

Mesh Size:

The mesh size is very important and will depend on what species of bait fish you are going for.  If you are targeting a big baitfish such as a mullet, than you will want to have bigger mesh.  However if you are going for a small baitfish such as cigar minnows, than your mesh should be very small to avoid losing or gilling the baitfish.

Size Of Net:

The size of the net usually ranges from 4ft to 12 feet.  Professional charter captains usually prefer ten feet plus nets.  However in some areas, there are strict laws prohibiting the use of nets over 6 feet.   A 10 foot cast net could be exactly what you are looking for in open water, however a small net should be used in tighter spots to avoid tangling with mangroves, pilings, etc.

We recommend you shop around and get a feel for what nets suite your purposes.  Brand names such as Calusa and Betts are fantastic nets and will last you a long time as long as you care for them.

After saltwater use, you should always rinse your net in freshwater.